Transport Law


COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION Towards a phased and coordinated approach for restoring freedom of movement and lifting internal border controls

COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION Guidelines on the progressive restoration of transport services and connectivity

COMMUNICATION FROM THE COMMISSION EU Guidance for the progressive resumption of tourism services and for health protocols in hospitality establishments

Comments and Papers

Il trasporto pubblico locale nella pandemia. Annotazioni giuridiche sui primi interventi normativi by Matteo Carrer

Lifting the Veil: COVID-19 and the Need to Re-consider Airline Regulation by Francesco Munari

Travel restrictions violate International law by Vv.Aa. 

International travel restrictions and the AIDS epidemic by Leonard J. Nelson 

A Critical Appraisal of the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations (2005) in Times of Pandemic: It Is Time for Revision by Morten Broberg 

COVID-19 / Coronavirus and European Union Shipping Law: An Interim Analysis by Vincent Power

COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol
Operational Guidelines for the management of air passengers and aviation personnel in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic

Vaccines and Airline Travel: a Federal Role to Protect The Public Health by Christopher T. Robertson

COVID-19: Vessel Owner Obligations by Grady S. HurleyPart I – Part II

Emerging from the tunnel and strengthening rail supply chains by Howard Rosen