Public Health

To Vote or Not to Vote? An International Human Rights Perspective on Elections in Times of the COVID-19 Pandemic by Christina Binder & Adam Drnovsky

Voting in Times of a Pandemic. The Case of Croatia: Constitutional Conflict between the Right to Vote and the Protection of Health by Marin Keršić

L’emergenza Coronavirus in Russia. Poteri, fonti, responsabilità by Angela Di Gregorio

Las dimensiones constitucionales de la crisis sanitaria en españa. Dudas e incertidumbres presentes y futuras by Gerardo Ruiz-Rico Ruiz

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Regulatory Delivery Lessons From COVID-19 Responses by Florentin Blanc

COVID-19 and Access to Medical Care in the United States by Allison K. Hoffman & Simone Hussussian

Regulatory Cooperation to Combat Public Health Crises by Elizabeth Golberg

Exporting the Italian Model to Fight COVID-19 by Fernanda G. Nicola

The Delayed Response in Wuhan Reveals Legal Holes by Shen Kui

Obligation Alleviation During the COVID-19 Crisis by Cary Coglianese

Ancora sul rapporto tra tecnica e politica nell’attuale emergenza di sanità pubblica: dal Comitato tecnico-scientifico al Comitato di esperti in materia economica e sociale by MATTEO TERZI

Brevi considerazioni sul rapporto tra tecnica e politica nella prospettiva dell’emergenza sanitaria in corso by M. Terzi

Private Security, Human Rights, and Covid-19 by Sorcha MacLeod

Truth Distancing? Whistleblowing as Remedy to Censorship during COVID-19 by Vigjilenca ABAZ

The Institutionalisation of Digital Public Health: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 App by Ciro CATTUTO and Alessandro SPINA

The Story behind COVID-19: Animal Diseases at the Crossroads of Wildlife, Livestock and Human Health by Nicolas DE SADELEER and Jacques GODFROID

More Competences than You Knew? The Web of Health Competence for European Union Action in Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak by Kai P. PURNHAGEN, Anniek DE RUIJTER, Mark L. FLEAR,Tamara K. HERVEY and Alexia HERWIG

Will COVID-19 Mark the End of an Egalitarian National Health Service? by Sabrina GERMAIN

Towards Stronger EU Governance of Health Threats after the COVID-19 Pandemic by Andrea RENDA and Rosa CASTRO

National Governance of Public Health Responsesin a Pandemic? by Mary DOBBS

COVID-19, Patents and the Never-Ending Tension between Proprietary Rights and the Protection of Public Health by Enrico BONADIO and Andrea BALDINI

App Immuni: una storia stran(ier)a e incompiuta by Lara Trucco

Will State Public Options Deliver on Health Care Reform? by Simone Hussussian

Responding to COVID-19 Without Public Trust by Jorge Contesse

Brazil’s COVID-19 Response is Caught Between Denialism and Technocratic Hubris by Bruno Queiroz Cunha

COVID-19 and Africa: Does One Size Fit All in Public Health Intervention? by Chidi Oguamanam

The Long Shadow of Jacobson v. Massachusetts: Epidemics, Fundamental Rights, and the Courts by Daniel A. Farber

The Immediate Impact of COVID-19 on Law Enforcement in the United States by Wesley G. Jennings & Nicholas M. Perez

COVID-19 legislation in the light of the precautionary principle by Klaus Meßerschmidt

PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY SITUATION DUE TO THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC – Position of the National Council of Ethics for the Life Sciences

La surveillance sanitaire de la population aux fins de lutter contre la covid-19 (commentaire de l’article 11 de la loi du 11 mai 2020 prorogeant l’état d’urgence sanitaire et complétant ses dispositions) by Ludovic Pailler

FDA in the Time of Covid-19 by Elizabeth Y. McCuskey

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The Future of Artificial Intelligence in International Healthcare: An Index by Julia M. Puaschunder


Prescription d’hydroxychloroquine : un cadre réglementaire exigeant mais protecteu by Marianne Schaffner

Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response
Kahn, Jeffrey, Johns Hopkins Project on Ethics and Governance of Digital Contact
Tracing Technologies

Il ruolo del comitato tecnico-scientifico in Italia e Francia nell’emergenza CoViD-19 by Giacomo Mingardo  

Le decisioni pubbliche ai tempi del coronavirus: tra fondatezza scientifica, principio di precauzione e tutela dei diritti by Lavinia Del Corona

Rischio, contagio e responsabilità. Sulla “sconsideratezza” penalmente rilevante by Andrea Perin

L’Europa e la crisi del Coronavirus: alla (ri)scoperta del principio di precauzione by Alessandra Donati


Oxford Statement on the International Law Protections Against Cyber Operations Targeting the Health Care Sector by Dapo AkandeDuncan HollisHarold Hongju Koh and James O’Brien

Are You Ready for a Pandemic? The International Health Regulations Put to the Test of Their ‘Core Capacity Requirements’ by Giulio Bartolini

L’état d’urgence sanitaire by JACQUES PETIT

Privacy Versus Health is a False Trade-off by Jake Goldenfein, Ben Green, Salome Viljoen

Privacidad, geolocalización y aplicaciones de rastreo de contactos en la estrategia de salud pública generada por la COVID-19 by Belén Andreu Martínez

Prescrição médica “off-label” e COVID-19: uma reflexão éticojurídica by André Gonçalo Dias Pereira

Régimen jurídico de las vacunas en España: reflexiones ante la situación creada por el coronavirus by Javier Barceló Doménech

Salud y Derecho en tiempo del COVID-19 by Josefina Alventosa del Río

COVID-19: Walking the Tightrope of Vaccination Obligations by Lauren Tonti

The Illiterate Democracy. Brazil’s response to the Coronavirus and the human right to science by Luísa Netto

Global Health Care System after Coronavirus: Who Has Responsibility to Protect by Vladimir Popov

Stay-at-Home Orders and COVID-19 Fatalities by Clayton Masterman

Nigeria’s Emergency (Legal) Response to COVID-19: A Worthy Sacrifice for Public Health? by Lukman Abdulrauf

Do We Need an International Commission of Inquiry for COVID-19? Part IPart II by Michael A Becker

Access to healthcare and social distance during COVID pandemic cannot stop at the prison gate by Maïté De Rue

You can sue to stop lockdowns, but you can’t sue to get them. That’s dangerous. by Eric Posner


The Traditional Definition of Pandemics, Its Moral Conflations, and Its Practical Implications: A Defense of Conceptual Clarity in Global Health Laws and Policies by THANA C. DE CAMPOS

Health Before Rights and Liberties: Thailand’s Response to COVID-19 by Khemthong Tonsakulrungruang, Rawin Leelapatana

Saudi Arabia’s caution in times of health emergency by Caterina Gagliardi

The Protection of Health Must Take Precedence: Testing the Constitutional State of Crisis in Luxembourg by Edoardo Stoppioni

Challenges Beyond Public Health – Guatemala and the Covid-19 Crisis by José Gonzalez

Statement of interpretation on the right to protection of health in times of pandemic – European Committee of Social Rights

The Demos in a Pandemic – Staging Elections during a Health Emergency by Graeme Orr

Belgium and COVID-19: When a Health Crisis Replaces a Political Crisis by Sarah Ganty

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act: Summary of Key Health Provisions di Kellie Moss, Adam Wexler, Lindsey Dawson, Michelle Long, Jennifer Kates, Juliette Cubanski, MaryBeth Musumeci, Meredith Freed, Amrutha Ramaswamy, Usha Ranji, & Karen Pollitz

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Recommendations by the CNPD on the processing of personal data in the context of a health crisis

State Action on Coronavirus (COVID-19) di National Conference of State legislatures

Cosa non va nel bilanciamento in corso tra libertà individuale e salute pubblica? di Omar Chessa