Data Protection

Il modello sudcoreano contro il Covid-19: imparare con cautela by Alberto Orlando

The democracy of emergency at the time of the coronavirus: the virtues of privacy by
Giovanni Comandé, Denise Amram, Gianclaudio Malgieri

The Institutionalisation of Digital Public Health: Lessons Learned from the COVID-19 App by Ciro CATTUTO and Alessandro SPINA

App Immuni: una storia stran(ier)a e incompiuta by Lara Trucco

L’app Immuni: tra tutela della salute e protezione dei dati personali by Maria Stella Bonomi

Temporary suspension of the Norwegian Covid-19 contact tracing app

Elektronischer Rechtsverkehr. Corona als Herausforderung – Corona als Chance by Wolfram Viefhues

Nos données de santé en danger… quand l’arbre de la crise sanitaire cache la forêt de la perte de souveraineté! by Nathalie Martial-Braz

Osservazioni sulla disciplina in materia di tutela dei dati personali in tempi di Covid-19. L’Italia e i modelli sudcoreano, israeliano e cinese: opzioni a confronto by Martina Cardone e Marco Cecili

Avis CNPD projet de loi 7606

Prise de position de la Commission Nationale d’Éthique (C.N.E.) sur les aides informatiques dans la lutte contre la pandémie du Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2


Flessibile diritto: il diritto alla protezione dei dati personali nella lockdown exit strategy europea by ANNA MARIA CAMPANALE

Digital Contact Tracing for Pandemic Response
Kahn, Jeffrey, Johns Hopkins Project on Ethics and Governance of Digital Contact
Tracing Technologies

Le ricerche scientifiche durante l’emergenza sanitaria (il covid-19). Quale base giuridica per l’arruolamento dei pazienti? by Luigi Rufo

Achieving privacy by design in contact tracing measures – GLOBAL PRIVACY ASSEMBLY

Recomendaciones para el tratamiento de datos personales ante la situación de emergencia sanitaria nacional – Uruguay

Remote learning and children’s privacy – FTC

COPPA Guidance for Ed Tech Companies and Schools during the Coronavirus – FTC

Coronavirus Scams: What the FTC is Doing

FTC, FDA Send Warning Letters to Seven Companies about Unsupported Claims that Products Can Treat or Prevent Coronavirus

COVID-19: States should not abuse emergency measures to suppress human rights – UN experts

How we will regulate during coronavirus – ICO

Stay one step ahead of the scammers – ICO

Data protection and working from home – what you need to know – ICO

Health, social care organisations and coronavirus – what you need to know – ICO

Workplace testing – guidance for employers – ICO

Information Commissioner’s Opinion: Apple and Google joint initiative on COVID-19 contact tracing technology – ICO

Information hub on data protection and coronavirus – ICO

Processing of Location Data and Tracking Mobility of Individuals to Combat Covid-19 – Turkey

Protection of Personal Data During the Fight Against COVID-19 – Turkey

Public Announcement on Distance Learning Platforms – Turkey

Recommandations de L’instance Nationale de Protection des Données Personelles Relatif a la Protection des Données Personnelles en Periode de COVID-19 – INPDP

Legal data protection framework for coronavirus containment – FDPIC

Measures for the safe use of audio and video conferencing systems – FDPIC

Update Proximity Tracing App – FDPIC

Coronavirus protection plans – FDPIC

Comunicado de la AEPD en relación con webs y apps que ofrecen autoevaluaciones y consejos sobre el Coronavirus – Spain

La AEPD publica un informe sobre los tratamientos de datos en relación con el COVID-19 – Spain

Report from the State Legal Service Department (the Spanish DPA) on Processing Activities Relating to the Obligation for Controllers from Private Companies and Public Administrations to Report on Workers Suffering from Covid-19 – Spain

Statement regarding the processing of personal data related to the measures to deal with COVID-19 – Spain

Data Privacy Issues of Sick People and People in Quarantine and Data Requests from Municipalities – Slovakia

Coronavirus and processing of personal data – Slovakia

Public announcement on COVID-19 emergency – San Marino

Security of personal data during remote learning – UODO’s guide for schools – Poland

Statement by the President of the Personal Data Protection Office on coronavirus– Poland

Protecting Personal Data in a Work From Home Arrangement – Philippines

Protecting Patient Data from Unauthorized Disclosure – Philippines

Joint Statement of the Department of Health (DOH) and National Privacy Commission (NPC) on Processing and Disclosure of COVID-19 Related Data – Philippines

NPC Supports DILG’s bid vs discrimination of COVID-19 frontliners – Philippines

On COVID-19 -related apps, digital tools and solutions in this time of pandemic – Philippines

Calls for Patients to Waive Privacy Rights, Publicly Disclose Health Status – Philippines

“Social Vigilantism” in the time of COVID-19 – Philippines

Declaration of Public Health Emergency in Relation to COVID-19 – Philippines

The release of passenger manifest of airlines to government agencies particularly the DOH, in relation to the 2019 nCov response – Philippines

Collect the minimum necessary information in providing financial aid and other relief packages to those affected by the enhanced community quarantine – Philippines

Protecting personal data in the time of COVID-19 – Philippines

Collect what is necessary. Disclose only to the proper authority – Philippines

Divulgar datos personales de pacientes con coronavirus puede ser multado hasta con 215 mil soles – Perù

Medidas para garantizar la confidencialidad de los datos de salud de los pacientes con COVID-19 – Perù

Autoridad Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales supervisará la utilización de los datos de geolocalización en casos de infectados y sospechosos de contagio de coronavirus (COVID-19) – Perù

Dealing with digital security risk during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis – OECD

OECD policy brief: Ensuring data privacy as we battle COVID-19

OECD policy brief: Tracking and tracing COVID: Protecting privacy and data while using apps and biometrics

OECD Covid-19 Hub

Overview of COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps – New Zeland

Privacy and Covid-19 – New Zeland

Onderzoeksrapportage bron-en contactopsporingsapps – Netherland

Tips voor het onderwijs – Netherland

Onderwijs tijdens corona – Netherland

Temperaturen en gezondheidscheck – Netherland

Privacy & corona – Netherland

La CNDP à la disposition du gouvernement pour renforcer, en termes de respect de la vie privée, ses politiques proactives – Morocco

Recomendaciones respecto a la garantía de los derechos de protección de datos personales y acceso a la información pública, ante brote de COVID-19 – Infoem

Adoptará INAI como medida de prevención el trabajo a distancia ante COVID-19

Suspende INAI eventos públicos, por recomendación de la SSA para evitar contagio de COVID-19

Ante casos de COVID-19, INAI emite recomendaciones para tratamiento de datos personales – INAI

Datos Personales Seguros COVID-19 (Information Hub) – INAI

Data Protection for Health Data and Artificial Intelligence Solutions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic – Mauritius

Covid-19 : les mises en garde de l’APDP sur la collecte de données personnelles et la protection de la vie privée des personnes – Mali

Exemption of Notification and Simplified Notification for the Collection and Processing of the Data of Individuals Entering and Exiting Venues for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases – Macao

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Recommandations de la CNPD relatives à la collecte de données personnelles dans un contexte de crise sanitaire – Luxembourg

Coronavirus (COVID-19): recommendations by the CNPD on the processing of personal data in the context of a health crisis – Luxembourg

Personal Data Protection and Coronavirus COVID-19 – Lithuania

Datenschutz während der Corona-Krise – Liechtenstein

Personal Information Protection Commission’s view on effective use of contact tracing App to help deal with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Japan

Handling of personal data for preventing the spread of Novel-Coronavirus (COVID-19) disease – Japan

Guidelines on Privacy Aspects of the Coronavirus Epidemic (COVID-19) – Israeli Privacy Protection Authority

Excerpts from an interview of the President of the Italian SA, Antonello Soro, with the Italian daily “Corriere della Sera”, on data protection issues and COVID-19 measures

Coronavirus and data protection – Garante per la protezione dei dati personali

Data Protection Tips for Video-conferencing – Ireland

Staying safe online during a pandemic – Ireland

COVID-19 and Subject Access Requests – Ireland

Protecting Personal Data When Working Remotely – Ireland

Data Protection and COVID-19 – Ireland

Information on processing data related to the Coronavirus epidemic – Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Response to media enquiry on the security issues in Zoom – Hong Kong – Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Response to media enquiry on privacy issues arising from COVID-19 – Hong Kong – Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

PCPD Provides Guidelines on Children’s Privacy during the Pandemic – Hong Kong – Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Zoom Data Security Incident – Hong Kong – Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Fight COVID-19 Pandemic Guidelines for Employers and Employees – Hong Kong – Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Privacy Commissioner Responds to Privacy Issues Arising from Mandatory Quarantine Measures and Provides Updates on Doxxing – Hong Kong – Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Response to media enquiry on privacy issues arising from COVID-19 – Hong Kong – Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

The Use of Information on Social Media for Tracking Potential Carriers of COVID-19 – Hong Kong – Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data

Guidelines on Processing of Personal Data in the Context of the Management of COVID-19 – Hellenic Data Protection Authority

Statement on Privacy and Coronavirus – Mecklenburg–West Pomerania: Data Protection Commissioner

German Data Protection Supervisory Authorities joint information paper on data protection and the Coronavirus pandemic

DSK provides information on data protection and Coronavirus – Germany – Office of the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

COVID-19: Contact tracing and location data – Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

COVID-19: Temperature checks – Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Data protection and Coronavirus: What you need to know – Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

Statement of the State Inspector’s Service – Georgia

Coronavirus (Covid-19) : les rappels de la CNIL sur la collecte de données personnelles – Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés

Data protection and limiting the spread of coronavirus – Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman

EU Digital Solidarity: a call for a pan-European approach against the pandemic by Wojciech Wiewiórowski

Guidelines 04/2020 on the use of location data and contact tracing tools in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak – EDPB

Twenty-third Plenary session: EDPB adopts further COVID-19 guidance

Guidelines 03/2020 on the processing of data concerning health for the purpose of scientific research in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak – EDPB

Statement of the EDPB Chair on the processing of personal data in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak

Joint Statement on Digital Contact Tracing – Council of Europe

Joint Statement on the right to data protection in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic
Déclaration conjointe sur le droit à la protection de données dans le contexte de la pandémie à COVID-19 – Council of Europe

¿Se puede revelar el nombre de una persona contagiada o de un eventual contagio? – Consejo para la Transparencia

CPLT remite recomendaciones a autoridades para asegurar adecuado resguardo de datos personales que recoge su aplicación “CoronApp” – Consejo para la Transparencia

Privacy in a Pandemic – Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Alberta

Supporting public health, building public trust: Privacy principles for contact tracing and similar apps
Appuyer la santé publique et bâtir la confiance des Canadiens : principes de protection de la vie privée et des renseignements personnels pour les applications de traçage des contacts et autres applications similaires – Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

A Framework for the Government of Canada to Assess Privacy-Impactful Initiatives in Response to COVID-19
Cadre pour l’évaluation par le gouvernement du Canada des initiatives en réponse à la COVID-19 ayant une incidence importante sur la vie privée – Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Privacy and the COVID-19 outbreak
La protection de la vie privée et l’éclosion de la COVID-19 – Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Commissioner issues guidance on privacy and the COVID-19 outbreak
Le commissaire publie un document d’orientation sur la protection de la vie privée et l’éclosion de la COVID-19 – Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

Message de la CIL sur la pandémie de coronavirus (COVID-19) – Burkina Faso Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés

Information der Datenschutzbehörde zum Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Austrian Data Protection Autority

How to respect privacy and protect public sector information when working remotely – OVIC

Privacy and COVID-19 – OVIC

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Understanding your privacy obligations to your staff – OAIC

Déclaration de l’AFAPDP à propos de la protection des données à caractère personnel dans le contexte de la pandémie de COVID-19 – AFAPDP

Tratamiento de datos personales ante el Coronavirus – Argentina – Agencia de Acceso a la Información Pública

Crisis sanitaria y protección de la privacidad – Argentina – Agencia de Acceso a la Información Pública

Protección de datos personales y geolocalización – Argentina – Agencia de Acceso a la Información Pública

Information on data protection and COVID-19 – Andorra – Agència Andorrana de Protecció de Dades

Guidelines on the processing of personal data in specific sectors in the context of measures against COVID-19 – Albania – Information and Data Protection Commissioner

La regola, l’eccezione e la tecnologia by Amedeo Santosuosso

La data protection ai tempi del coronavirus tra prevenzione dei reati e repressione del contagio by Massimo Farina

Le tecnologie, la protezione dei dati e l’emergenza Coronavirus: rapporto tra il possibile e il legalmente consentito by Francesco Paolo Micozzi 

Privacy Versus Health is a False Trade-off by Jake Goldenfein, Ben Green, Salome Viljoen

El servicio universal de telecomunicaciones ante el COVID-19 by Belén Andrés Segovia

Tracciamento tecnologico del contagio by Marcello D’Ambrosio

COVID-19: un desafío para la Protección de datos de carácter personal by Alfonso Ortega Giméne

Privacidad, geolocalización y aplicaciones de rastreo de contactos en la estrategia de salud pública generada por la COVID-19 by Belén Andreu Martínez

Coronavirus e tracciamento tecnologico: alcune riflessioni sull’applicazione e sui relativi sistemi di interoperabilità dei dispositivi by Carolina Perlingieri

Anonymization by decentralization? The case of COVID-19 contact tracing apps by Stephanie Rossello and Pierre Dewitte

I limiti delle discussioni sulle “app” di tracciamento anti-Covid e il futuro della medicina digitale by Vincenzo Zeno Zencovich

“Nudges” et “big data” dans le monde d’après : Une menace sur le Contrat Social? by Sacha Bourgeois-Gironde & Bruno Deffains


Délibération n° 2020-056 du 25 mai 2020 portant avis sur un projet de décret relatif à l’application mobile dénommée « StopCovid »

App contact tracing, l’appello dei ministri Ue: «I dati dei tracciati valgano anche oltre i confini». La lettera per condividere le informazioni: «Ci impegniamo a sviluppare applicazioni open source, che rispettino la privacy e siano adottate solo su base volontaria» by Dorothee Bär (Germania) , Cédric O (Francia), Paola Pisano (Italia), Carme Artigas Brugal (Spagna) e André de Aragao Azevedo (Portogallo)

Face à la pandémie, à quoi sert le numérique ? by Stéphane Grumbach

Traçage : Ce n’est pas le numérique qui pose question, mais notre capacité à penser le bien commun by Stéphane Grumbach

Pedinamento digitale e democrazia della sorveglianza by Stefano Epifani

La protezione dei dati personali ai tempi dell’epidemia by Vincenzo Cuffaro e Roberto D’Orazio

Regulating Personal Data Usage in Covid-19 Control Conditions by Mark Findlay & Nydia Remolina

Coronavirus contact-tracing apps: can they slow the spread of COVID-19? by Mark Zastrow

Il bilanciamento tra diritti, libertà e interessi pubblici nel contact tracing è questione di alta politica by LUCA BOLOGNINI

Norway: Government Launches Mobile App to Track and Stem Spread of COVID-19

Fighting Covid-19 and protecting privacy under EU Law. A proposal looking at the roots of European Constitutionalism by Oreste Pollicino

Effectiveness vs Integrity – How Covid-19 is affecting privacy by Christina Etteldorf

The EU’s Common Approach to contact tracing : the EDPB, EDPS, Commission and Parliament’s responses by Anjum Shabbir

e-Halth – Interoperability guidelines for approved contact tracing mobile applications in the EU

Triibunal Administratif de Paris – Ordonnance du 5 mai 2020 – Droit fondamental et liberté publique, IP/IT ET COMMUNICATION, Droits fondamentaux, Protection des données

Décret n° 2020-551 du 12 mai 2020 relatif aux systèmes d’information mentionnés à l’article 11 de la loi n° 2020-546 du 11 mai 2020 prorogeant l’état d’urgence sanitaire et complétant ses dispositions

Délibération n° 2020-051 du 8 mai 2020 portant avis sur un projet de décret relatif aux systèmes d’information mentionnés à l’article 6 du projet de loi prorogeant l’état d’urgence sanitaire

Making Cyberspace Safe for Democracy by Laura Rosenberger

Appli Covid 19 : non aux discriminations sous couvert d’innovation by Marlène Schiappa, Frédéric Potier et Jérôme Giusti

Australia – COVIDSafe App – Submission to the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights by Lyria Bennett Moses et al.

Guidelines 05/2020 on consent under Regulation 2016/679 by EDPB

Covid-19: A New Struggle over Privacy, Data Protection and Human Rights? by Elif Mendos Kuskonmaz and Elspeth Guild

Indiscriminate Covid-19 location tracking (Part I): Necessary in a democratic society? by Ilia Siatits and Ioannis Kouvakas

Indiscriminate Covid-19 location tracking (Part II): Can pandemic-related derogations be an opportunity to circumvent Strasbourg’s scrutiny? by Ilia Siatitsa and Ioannis Kouvakas

Biosecurity (Human Biosecurity Emergency) (Human Coronavirus with Pandemic Potential) (Emergency Requirements—Public Health Contact Information) Determination 2020 – Ministery for Health

Zoning Cyberspace: Protecting Privacy in the Digital Upside Down by Raymond H. Brescia

Use of Blockchain Technology to Curb Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Transmission by Asma Khatoon

Australia’s ‘COVIDSafe App’: An Experiment in Surveillance, Trust and Law by Graham Greenleaf and Katharine Kemp

Contact-tracing Apps and Human Rights by Lorna McGregor

Joint Statement on Digital Contact Tracing by Alessandra Pierucci, Chair of the Committee of Convention 108 and Jean-Philippe Walter, Data Protection Commissioner
of the Council of Europe

Access to Covid-19 Treatment and International Intellectual Property Protection. Part I: Patent protection, voluntary access and compulsory licensing – Part II: National security exceptions and test data protection by Henning Grosse Ruse-Khan

Le contact tracing pour accompagner le déconfinement : consentement ou obligation?

Le contact tracing pour accompagner le déconfinement : solutions techniques et initiatives politiques by Julia Apostle & Juliette Crouzet

Il contact tracing digitale e l’epidemia: sindrome cinese? di Giuseppe Tropea

Virus e algoritmi. Impariamo da un’esperienza dolorosa di Giovanna De Minico

Data crossing borders. Data Sharing and Protection in Times of Coronavirus di Christopher Kuner

EDPB Letter concerning the European Commission’s draft Guidance on apps supporting the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic

The Coronavirus Crisis and EU Adequacy Decisions for Data Transfers di Christopher Docksey & Christopher Kuner

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Recommendations by the CNPD on the processing of personal data in the context of a health crisis

Commission Recommendatio of 8.4.2020 on a common Union toolbox for the use of technology and data to combat and exit from the COVID-19 crisis, in particular concerning mobile applications and the use of anonymised mobility data

Data protection e Covid-19: il parere del Garante Europeo della Protezione dei Dati

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